Governments Failed to Evaluate Teachers

Governments Failed to Evaluate Teachers - Government needs about the results of teachers mapping through teacher competency test (UKG) would indicate a failure of the teacher evaluation function that does not run properly. In fact, the structure of the Ministry of Education and Culture, there are tools for evaluating teachers, one of them is through a system of school inspectors.

"Isn't there the school superintendent should be able to provide reports and data more comprehensively every teacher who supervised? UKG become more synonymous with the testing of knowledge. Results will only describe the level of teacher knowledge that is still questionable whether it will be used as a tool for improving the quality of teachers, "said Dhitta Puti Sarasvati, Director of Research & Development Program Teachers Association of Indonesia in Jakarta, Tuesday (07/31/2012).

According Dhitta, statement of Minister of Education and Culture Muhammad Nuh that our quality teachers and therefore there is no UKG is a first step, would be counterproductive. Because, with the school superintendent in the development of education system in Indonesia, should have data on teacher quality can be obtained through the role and functions of supervisors.

"Trustees are obliged to observe teachers in the classroom. In fact, observers reported the data obtained and the necessary follow up with coaching. If this process goes well, the data should be owned by a supervisor is more comprehensive than the results of UKG," said Dhitta.

However, the supervisory function is to observe and evaluate teachers in teaching in the classroom is not optimal role. Many teachers complain that they have not been observed by supervisors even once, even though they've taught more than five years

Reports of several teachers who enter through the IGI, said Dhitta, many supervisors do not fully understand how to design the curriculum, do not understand the higher-order thinking skills (higher order thinking skills), and unprofessional work.

"If the evaluation function at school went well, the government should have data regarding the competence of teachers through the regulatory process. If it allegedly does not exist, then it means that more needs to be reformed is a system of evaluation through the school superintendent," said Dhitta.

Itje Chodidjah, coach of the National Teachers assess UKG be a shortcut to the central government to intervene directly touching the competency of teachers.

According Itje, there is an unbroken chain between Kemendikbud and elements in the structure underneath. Information on the competence of teachers are not well accommodated by the components of education providers. The results of evaluation of teachers by the superintendent and school principals are not stored and ready to become informed about their competence. UKG seems to be a shortcut pemetintah center to intervene directly touching the competency of teachers.

"Kegaiatan teacher evaluation is part of a long chain of improving the quality of education. Therefore, penyelengaraannya should be done thoroughly. Criteria used as a reference to assess the teacher should also be clear and measurable," said Itje.

Kulaitas improvement of education is not merely the improvement of teacher quality, but also the chain-link, such as principals, supervisors, and the organizers at the level of bureaucracy. In addition, the teacher recruitment process also determines the engineering evaluation of teacher competence. Indonesia needs to dig again if the root problem of teacher evaluation and teacher evaluation of why all this does not work.