No More Damaged School Building in 2014

Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's, once more instructed the Education and Culture Minister Mohammad Nuh that no more buildings and damaged school buildings in 2014.

In the coordination meeting chaired by the Heads of State at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Jakarta, Tuesday (31/7/2012), Nuh describing the completion of the building and repair school buildings.

"God willing, we can finish up to 2014," the president said when opening a coordination meeting.

Also present at the coordination meetings, among others, Vice President Boediono, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa, and the governor.

President said he was optimistic that the quality of education in Indonesia could be improved. Because the budget for education continues to grow. The key is good management, goal setting and proper implementation, and no irregularities occur in any node.

On occasion, the President also stressed that the quality of education in Indonesia should be, easy, and inexpensive. Qualified means that the curriculum, teaching materials and teaching-learning methodology, evaluation systems, and proper education infrastructure.

"Easy, means accessible. Must be even more opportunities for the children of Indonesia to receive education up to higher levels," said Head of State.

Meanwhile, inexpensive means to reach the wider community. People who are not able to be still able to get an education without having to be charged. Kompas Edukasi