Early Childhood Teacher Must be D-4 or S-1

Early Childhood Teacher Must be D-4 or S-1 - General Director of Non Formal and Informal Early Childhood Education from Ministry of Education and Culture, Lidya Freyani Hawadi asserted that all teachers of kindergarten (TK) must meet the qualification standards. Minimum requirements to become a kindergarten teacher education is D-4 or S-1 with courses in Early Childhood Education (early childhood).

"Kindergarten Teacher of the conditions should D-4 or S-1 with special study program of early childhood. Indonesia has about 40 study programs," said Lidya or familiarly called Reni Akbar, on Wednesday (08/08/2012), in Kemdikbud, Jakarta.

Early Childhood Teacher Must be D-4 or S-1

Reni said, there are opportunities for all kindergarten teachers who do not meet the qualification standards. How? by following the training that was held by Kemdikbud. The results of such training can be converted when the teacher wants to obtain S-1 on the campus of their choice. Training has three categories, namely education and training with 12 credits for the basic level, 40 credits for the advanced level, and 80 credits of training for advanced level.

"The results of the training that could be converted to the current campus will receive a diploma S-1," she said.

According to her, to appeal to all kindergarten teachers, training is provided at a cost that is quite affordable. Beyond that, Kemdikbud subsidies as much as Rp. 5 million to each training participant.

Source: Early Childhood Teacher Must be D-4 or S-1