English Won't be Included in New Curriculum

English Won't be Included in New Curriculum - English subjects will no longer be included in the compulsory curriculum for elementary school students (SD), which will be enforced by the Ministry of Education and Culture in the academic year 2013-2014. Deputy Minister of Education and Culture Musliar Kasim said, these subjects are going to be eliminated for elementary students as to give time to the students in strengthening the ability of Indonesian prior to learning a foreign language.

"Elementary students are not appropriately given English, because they even haven't know Bahasa Indonesia. Now there are only tutoring kindergarten children English. In other words, it is unlawful. Poor children," said Musliar, at the Park Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (10 / 10/2012).

He asserted that these rules should be obeyed by all schools. However, if there are schools that made ​​the subjects of English as an additional subject, it is a different matter and will be considered again.

"Schools have to obey this if it's used as additional other issues. However, for public schools, clearly should not be," said Musliar.

English Won't be Included in New Curriculum

For international schools generally using English as the language of instruction, it has not done in-depth studies. However, the new curriculum will still be formulated and for international schools will be arranged later.

"Our curriculum is still made​​, but for the international will be set later. Obviously they have to follow the provisions of our curriculum, baseball may be off," he said.

As is known, the curriculum for elementary students will compress only six subjects, namely Religious Education, Pancasila and Citizenship Education, Indonesian, Maths, Arts, and Physical Education and Health. However, this new agreement for students grades 1-3 only, while grade 4-6 are discussed.