School Potentials to Build Students' Character

School Potentials to Build Students' Character - In addition to hanging out with the parents at home, school is a place where children spend their time. Even school is often referred to as a second home for the children.

As a home, school environment should be pursued as comfortable as possible so that help shape the character of children. Thus, the next generation can give a good effect for the community and the nation.

"The school is a medium to form the character of the children," Healthy Schools Curriculum Team Leader Sosro, Baidowi, in Building A Kemendikbud, Wednesday (17/10/2012).

This potential, he added, should be used so as to be an appropriate means to instill positive values to children. Sosro, he continued, utilize that potential through the workshop and the Healthy Schools Award Giving Sosro.

"From here, we want to help build the character of the nation through the school," he added.

Obviously, said Baidowi, school construction is not just only about the infrastructure but also about the character of all the elements of a good school principals, teachers and students. In this case Healthy Schools, Baidowi said the program not only talking about the canteen, but also awareness of school elements to use and maintain. This is agreed by the President Director of PT Sinar Sosro, Joseph Sosrodjojo.

"As long as it's built its hardware alone is not enough to hold complete infrastructure. Indeed quite difficult if it looks," he said.

Deputy Minister of Education and Culture, Musliar Kasim, development, especially in education will never stop and always dynamic, either way and work together to realize the goal.

According to him, this Sosro Healthy Schools program to help the students and teachers to increase practical knowledge about living a healthy and disciplined. Not only that, the school can begin to develop a healthy culture that can be applied to the community.

"This event is very important to build good character in school. So the school will determine the school's vision to be created," he said.