Thousands Schools Have No Library

Thousands Schools Have No Library  - A total of 76,478 schools from elementary to high school level or equivalent do not have any library. In fact, the library is a standard tool that should be in schools to improve the quality of education.

More than 50 percent of elementary schools or 55,545 schools do not have libraries. In junior high, 12,029 schools did not have libraries. As for the level of senior high school and vocational school, 8904 schools do not have libraries.

Sri Sularsih the National Library in Jakarta, Sunday (10/07/2012), said the procurement of the school library is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud). With the allocation of national education is increasing, the presence of libraries in schools should have also increased, including a collection of books.

According to Sri, the school library should be developed. In accordance with the mandate of Law Libraries, schools must allocate 5 percent of School Budget to enhance the library collection.

thousands schools have no library

Thousands Schools Have No Library

Acting Director General of Primary Kemdikbud Suyanto explained, in 2012, the government will construct 9442 libraries. In 2013, built 1500 libraries more so at the end of 2013 targeted 75 percent of elementary school already have a library.

In middle school, 20,540 schools (63 percent) own school library. Disadvantages substantial library occurred in SMK. From SMK 9875, 4362 new school or less than 50 percent had a library, while the 5513 schools do not have any school library.

In high school level, out of 11,535 schools, 8144 new schools have libraries. While other 3391 schools are not equipped with library.

Chairman of the Indonesian Book Publishers Association, Lucya Andam Dewi, said the government supports a variety of efforts to increase public interest in reading. "The school library is one of potential ways to build interest in reading among students, numbering tens of millions of people," said Lucya.

Harianti Diah, Head of Curriculum and Kemdikbud of Books, said, it was thought that the school library is not only utilized the students and teachers, but also the surrounding community.

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