How to manage your time

How to manage your time - In one day, we have 24 hours to be filled with various activities. However, with 24 hours of this, we still sometimes difficult to allocate the time to learn. To overcome this problem, you need a strategy to manage study time. How, to prepare the framework of a schedule of activities will you perform in the long term first.

To begin, prepare your calendars and update your life goals. Clarify what will you do in the long term. For example, ten years into the future, so you can know your life purpose.

Record the tasks related to your studies and the deadline date for completing the task. Also take note of the activities will you perform in school or college, and activities you will do outside of school or college. To make it easier to set the time to learn, make a weekly schedule so you can continue to refresh the activities to be performed. Here are two thing on how to manage your time.

Prepare a weekly schedule 

Sunday is a day of activities appropriate to design the next week after a break from the activity. Activities to do on this day is to review the daily schedule you've written. Record of activities outside of school that you have done for a week yesterday, make sure the activities and tasks wherever you have completed in the last week to evaluate your work.

Make a daily schedule

Every night before learning activity, prepare a daily schedule of activities is what will be done tomorrow. Do not forget to check the list of activities you have carried out the next day.

Your weekly schedule should have a more detailed record of your term schedule. The daily schedule should have a deeper detail than your weekly schedule. Using long-term time frame, schedule weekly, and daily schedule will help to best manage your time.

Good luck!

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