9 Best Places to Study

9 Best Places to Study - Learning difficulties or difficulty concentrating? Moreover, you will face the test. Maybe it's difficult because you have not found the right place to learn.

Indeed, because of lack of concentration, learning difficulties experienced by many people while learning. Because after all, you must consider three things in finding a good place to learn, namely comfort, noise level, and access information. Here are the 9 best places to study:

1. Library

Libraries certainly be the pinnacle of the food chain is best to learn. That is because the library a comfortable and away from the noise. In the library there is also great information access, such as books, internet, and the people who will help you answer your questions.

2. Room

Learning in the bedroom is the next best place, unless you have a roommate, in which case you must vacate the room. If you have your own room, you will not be disturbed and will be able to arrange the room as comfortable as possible. Moreover, if the in-room internet access are included to help find the information you need to learn.

3. Coffee Shop

Coffee while studying? Perhaps, this is one of the best ideas to get the enjoyment of learning. A coffee shop would be the best place to learn. There usually are WIFI access, so you can access the info with the laptop. In addition, you will get a bonus selection of music that can make you relax.

4. Bookstore

Access is best to get a book store, because there are thousands of books organized artifacts are available for you. If you will be looking for the right answer, this place would be a suitable place. In some bookstores are also a cafe that offers a relaxing place for you if you experience boredom while studying here.

5. Park

Hear the chirping of birds, see the green leaves, feel the cool breeze and warm sunshine of delicious taste. All that you would get in a park, if you feel bored cooped up in the room. You can switch to this place to memdalami a confusing subject matter.

6. Class

If you feel uncomfortable or have interference from some friends at the library, for instance, consider taking your own space in the classroom. However, this will not be as comfortable in other places. It's good, you can concentrate because only you were there.

7. Classmates home

To be gained by studying at home is your friend and your friend also have the same goal. In addition, the presence of a friend you will be able to get information quickly without having to search the internet. Because maybe, your friends know more of what you learn, especially if he is indeed a very smart friend in class.

8. Learning  Community

If you have not found the best place to learn, you might be able to go to a tutoring center. There you will find mentors who can help you learn. But, of course you have to spend a small fee. Another way you can find online learning communities or directly. Or, you can also create your own learning community.

9. Favorite places

The last place you could be learning option is a great place to learn your habits. In this place only you know.
Source - Kompas Edukasi