Tanoto Foundation Scholarship

Tanoto Foundation scholarshipTanoto Foundation scholarship provides once again  an opportunity to study  for the children in the region to obtain high-quality education.

Regional Champion in the scholarship program Scholarship are convening some time ago, the foundation of Sukanto Tanoto provides the full scholarships for the class champion in Riau, Jambi, and Medan.

"For high school students who are ready to continue learning to college choice, you can follow this scholarship. Later, about the cost, the foundation is secure," said Foundation Chairman Tanoto Sihol P Aritonang, while holding Gathering Program Highlights Tanoto Media Foundation, 2012, at the Restaurant Samarra, Central Jakarta, Thursday (2/8/2012) night.

Through educational programs, a foundation established by Sukanto Tanoto is the focus of poverty reduction, educational programs, empowerment and improved quality of life has become routine masyarak Tanoto Foundation.

"One of the newest Regional Champiom this Scholarship. The recipient will receive a monthly allowance, tuition, transportation and even when the initial care of the course, just really from the interior," he said.

Achievement of the scholarship program until June 2012, has provided scholarships to 27 students who received scholarships.

As for this year, the Regional Champhion Scholarship is in the final selection phase, which is to capture the 40 name of the sons and daughters of the top names in high school who was in the operating area Tanoto this group.

"Antusianya great, this program ratusa registries, but we will select 40 names, that after going through the selection process in the region, administration, PsikoTest, and interviews, especially those with good leadership skills," he said.

"We hope this scholarship recipients to print tomorrow's leaders, sesduai his name to be champions, strong character, capable, and resilient," he added.

He mentioned also that the scholarship is to have a bond with the company Tanoto Group. "It will be our maintanance their data base, control of academic value, and will be given space to participate in the activities of the foundation," he said.

Scholarship winners will also be channeled to work in one of the company as it is known Tanoto Group companies have a business in several countries, including oil palm plantations, PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper is a manufacturer of paper Paper One mainstay, exports of pulp, and oil and gas.

Because of scholarships for undergraduate level (S1) will give priority to students who are interested in studying in the seven state universities to become partners of this program, namely Bogor Agriculture Institute (IPB), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Gadjah Mada University (UGM), University of Indonesia (UI) , University of Edinburgh (Unja), University of Riau (UNRI), and North Sumatra University (USU).

As for the department such as forestry, agriculture, nutrition science, Economics, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and others who later worked in the corporate group dedicated Tanoto.

"The point we want to do even more, so they can help citizens realize his dreams, education was the most appropriate steps to get rid of poverty, after which they were able to inspire others as well," he concluded.

In addition to S1 scholarship program, graduate program is also planned to open in December 2012. Detailed information about this new scholarship program can be listened to on the page www.tanotofoundation.org, or send an email to the address info@tanotofoundation.org.

Source - Kompas Edukasi