New Curriculum Will be Complete in Late 2012

Deputy Minister of Education and Culture (Wamendikbud) Musliar Kasim said the discussion and drafting of the new curriculum has reached 25 percent and is scheduled for completion in late 2012."The process of drafting the curriculum continues to be done, when it has reached 25 percent. End of 2012 certainly has been completed," said Wamendikbud on the sidelines of the opening of the TOT Character Formation in Teacher and Principal at Bandung, Sunday (10/21/2012).Next year there and arrangement of books in some sectors that could be rolled in the new academic year 2013.However, the process continues to absorb the aspirations and input from the public, experts, and also from some stakeholders of education in Indonesia.One of them got a response from the community was associated simplification of the curriculum, including the solidification of the subjects taught in school."Simplification of the curriculum to be one that gets a significant response, including a reduction in subjects such as in the primary level," he said.It was to respond to the opinion that says that children crammed so many lessons to be an adjustment in the new curriculum.Musliar example, the new curriculum for elementary discourse only six subjects, namely religion, PPKN, Indonesian Language, Mathematics, Arts, and Physical Education and Health."Science does not exist, the new science curriculum will be integrated with other subjects, including one packed linguistics in the context of the more interesting," he said.Penjaskes also integrated with the application of values ​​and character, encouraging hard work and love of country."This opportunity set curriculum, students should not be burdened with any terms. They go to school, but still able to enjoy childhood," said Musliar.In the new curriculum, he said, the students are encouraged to identify their surroundings and their potential.On the other hand, said Wamendikbud, model implementation is still to be discussed again."Implementation has not been agreed, for elementary to college level, whether its plot in the school district or province. Still be developed and agreed upon. I myself can not wait for 2013, what kind of schools to implement the new curriculum," said Wamendikbud.

Source: Kompas Edukasi