The Need of Speed Reading and Its Barriers

The Need of Speed Reading and Its Barriers - Speed reading is one of really needed skill in today's academic as well as in business worlds. It's a must for students or businessmen keep trying to increase their reading skill in consideration of that information flies away. Nowadays, the revolution of information becomes familiar to us. Thus, this forces students and businessmen to adapt with the situation around and take benefit of this for themselves.
the need of speed reading and its barriers

Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to acquire this skill. Even though, we take some courses providing reading class, it still can be identified some common potential problems while trying to increase the speed reading skill. Those problems become barriers should to overcome immediately. Some of those language barriers are:

1.    Lack of concentration

Lack or just partial concentration can be the effects of the environment where people read. This is the first concern which should be overcome on ones reading.

2.    Eyes movement

It often comes to some readers shifting their eyes to other directions and then going back to the book to relocate the last point which they have read. It can be a real problem and reduce the speed reading.

3.    Short attention

When you reading, at first, you get strong attention at the beginning but slowly moving down as you are reading on. Short and weak attention force you to go back and to re-read some words, phrase, and sentences over and over again.

Thus what should you do to increase your reading skill? When you do want to increase your reading skill, try to eliminate some of the problems which can be barriers and reduce your speed reading. I remember "practice makes (almost) perfect". Practice more make your reading faster.