Reasons why choose to study in New Zealand

Reasons why choose to study in New Zealand - New Zealand and Indonesia have stronger bilateral relations in the higher education sector. After signing a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Higher Education Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Jakarta, some time ago, New Zealand will be one of the countries that invaded destination for Indonesian students.

One of the New Zealand government policies that are favorable for international students is the standard of education that will be matched with local residents. With the same excellence in science and technology, the cost of studying in New Zealand relatively much cheaper than in Australia.

reasons why choose to study in New Zealand "Tuition fee in New Zealand is very low because it is considered the same as domestic students. Government provides subsidies for it so hopefully with these students studying in New Zealand is increasing," said New Zealand Ambassador to ASEAN, David Taylor at Kemendikbud JICA Building, Jakarta.

For regular master classes, tuition ranges from 13000-50000 New Zealand dollars. In addition, there are always some special programs specifically for students of master's or doctoral programs that are able to contribute, such as teaching in the community.

Reasons why choose to study in New Zealand

Scholarship course is also offered. David explains in the near future, there are 10 teachers who received a scholarship to study in New Zealand in collaboration with Kemendikbud.

"In the field of higher education in polytechnics between Indonesia and New Zealand, we will increase the scholarship," he added.

As a country with a young and free of constricting traditions, New Zealand has achieved self-sufficiency in the journey. The spirit makes the state known as the producer of kiwi as a natural source for the emergence of fresh ideas.

"This innovative thinking is reflected in the way we teach and learn. Our education system encourages a way of thinking and teaching techniques that go far beyond rote learning, "he said.

However, he explained, as a former colony of Britain, New Zealand has a system of education based on the prestigious British system. Facilities, resources and teaching staff are provided a certificate or qualification that is valued and can be moved / used worldwide.

David said International Student Assessment or Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which conducted the survey every three years on student achievement level of a 15 year old student in the OECD countries put the New Zealand education system as one of the prestigious. New Zealand has consistently sat in the top rankings survey of student achievement.

"In the most recent PISA study, students in New Zealand aged 15 years it has been rated second in reading skills, and ranked third in the world in math skills," said David again.

David also explained that New Zealand universities in the 500 major international surveys, such as the Times Higher Education Supplement and the Shanghai Jiao Tong.

"Not only that, in New Zealand as well as any student will be able to enjoy a supportive learning environment. In the smaller classes, students receive more individual attention from their teachers than they would earn in the rest of the world, "he said again.

The international students will receive personal assistance that is not limited by the walls of the campus. International students are entitled to assistance inside and outside the classroom.

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