Three Important Things if You Want to Study in America

Who wants to get a chance to study in universities in the United States (U.S.)? Anyone can start dreaming about studying in the U.S.. Then he/she needs to watch these three important things if you wants to study in America. What are they?
  1. Of course, to study in the U.S., English proficiency is a major requirement that must be mastered. Almost all programs at universities in the United States requested the results of the TOEFL as one administrative requirements. But not all majors are intended to ask the same figure TOEFL results. To that end, the candidate must be smart in the majors and programs are to be selected so that the need to prepare the appropriate TOEFL results.
  2. Note also the choice of university. Generally, prospective students from abroad only after the university's prestigious superpower such as Harvard University and Yale University are actually narrow the opportunities to study in America. Instead, prospective students multiply references and prepare at least five universities would be the purpose of learning. It's okay to set two of the leading universities in the list of goals, but it could not hurt to also choose the three universities that are not too well known but still have a good accreditation.
  3. Prospective students must also prepare a letter with good motivation. Instead, it is not long-winded and self-demonstrated the ability to attract the targeted university committees.
Three important things need to be considered and prepared in earnest before the start of the hunt for the opportunity to study in the land of Uncle Sam, but pray of course.

If you still feel confused determine the appropriate choice of university courses is desired, then the candidates who are interested can consult with some of the EducationUSA network crate or @america to know about education in the U.S..